Mister Track GPS Tracker for Car Rental Companies

GPS tracker long autonomy

The car rentals to individuals and professionals present many risks, particularly loss of these vehicles and often theft by users themselves.  The use of Mister Track autonomous GPS locators undoubtedly ensure the proper development of the rental process .  The capability of tracking and finding to track and find your vehicles wherever they may be  is assured.

An Autonomous Beacon For Car Rental Companies

The use of GPS beacons for car rental is common practice. For the most part, rental companies use fixed devices. These allow the geolocation of vehicles anywhere, but they have a major drawback which renders them ineffective in situations of theft. The thieves can easily remove them and get rid of them before stealing the rented vehicle.

The Mister Track GPS trackers stands out for its great autonomy.  Very discreet and easy to install, you can hide it anywhere in the vehicle and and it will be impossible for the thieves to find.  The great battery life allows you to both locate and protect their vehicles for months at a time without need of recharging.

Track and protect your vehicles where ever  they be, in United Kingdom or anywhere else. Receive coordinates in real-time and alerts when the GPS beacon enters or leaves a previously defined geographical area: it will be possible to act quickly and communicate the exact location to authorities.

The Mister Track autonomous tracker is the best solution after a theft: you can put the device from sleep mode into tracking mode and thus track the stolen vehicle.

You can share the location through a smartphone to locate the car and promptly recover it.

Get to know our tracker MT 57000, specifically developed for vehicle fleets, with an exceptional duration of up to 5 years in sleep mode with daily position reporting .  In case of theft, activate the tracking mode to locate and recover the stolen vehicle.  Contact us for more information.

Protect Luxury Vehicles

With the Mister Track GPS locator, renting luxury vehicles is done with complete safely. Autonomous and undetectable, it ensures real-time location of your vehicles and will save a considerable amount of  time and money.

In case of theft, you will be able to alert the police and communicate them through access to the monitoring platform as well as the smartphone app .  The police may share your mobile location and recover the vehicle.

The Mister Track  autonomous GPS tracker offers peace of mind regarding the safety and location of your luxury vehicle .

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