GPS tracker for motorcycles and scooters : The Mister Track solution

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Whether it be for necessity or pleasure, travelling on a two-wheeled vehicle can prove costly in the case of theft . This does not happen only to “other people”: a motorcycle without a chain can be easily stolen; an alarm can be deactivated; a scooter can be started without a key. In the case of a car, this can be more easily found because of its size, a motorcycle or scooter is exceptionally hard to find. To protect yourself against the theft of a motorcycle or scooter, we have the solution: anti theft motorcycle and scooter GPS tracker .

Your GPS tracker for scooters and motorcycles

Mister Track is a real-time geolocation solution thanks to its profesional stand-alone beacons. Directly synchronized with live tracking, this GPS tracker is one of the most efficient on the market.

We offer two models of locators to combat theft of a motorcycle or scooter  :

  • MT7000 : This is a standalone high-end device equipped with two powerful magnets. Thanks to its high autonomy, its two powerful magnets and precise geolocation, the MT7000 can be placed under a two-wheeled vehicle and so it can be found if stolen.
  • MT 2650 : of a smaller size, this anti theft GPS beacon for motorcycles and scooter can easily be placed inside a bag, a rear suitcase or any other discrete location on the vehicle.

Mister Track functionality for combatting motorcycle and scooter theft

Mister Track is not just a standalone device, it has numerous other features for finding a stolen bike :

  • Smartphone location sharing  : after installing the GPS tracker for motorcycles and scooters, can you follow it from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) . This way Mister Track IOS and Android location can follow the GPS tracker from your phone in case of theft. You also have the ability to share the position with the authorities allowing them to quickly the stolen bike .
  • Departing zone alert  : Once the GPS tracker is installed on your scooter or motorbike, you may define an area outside of which will receive a notification on your smartphone to alert you that the locator is moving. In this way, you will be immediately notified when your scooter or motorcycle is in motion without your consent ! The functionality perfect for acting quickly in case of theft.
  • Sleep mode  :  If you do not wish to use your anti-theft GPS tracker for motorcycle and scooter ,  Put it into sleep mode to conserve battery power and increase autonomy . If stolen, you can remotely re-activate the tracker in tracking mode to locate and recover your vehicle .

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