GPS tracker and winter sports : the Mister Track solution

The mountains begin to fill with snow, temperatures drop and the winter holidays are upon us. Which means that, without a doubt, winter sports are coming too! When speaking of winter sports, we speak of skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hiking, trekking and other recreational activities for young and old . However, the mountains are full of dangers and in order to ensure the safety of the whole family, your group of students or friends, it is vital to be appropriately equipped. Because of this we are offering our GPS tracker for skiing and winter sports: small, autonomous and state of the art, our tracking unit will let you set out to the mountain with nothing to fear !

When you will you use the Mister Track GPS beacon for skiing and winter sports ?

We provide a complete GPS locator with the most efficient tracking system. Suited specifically for personal tracking, our MT 2650 device is compact and slips easily into the pocket of a backpack or jacket.

It can be used for the following cases:

  • GPS beacon for skiing and snowboarding : It will allow you to keep track of all the students under you responsibility during their time in the snow with just a simple glance at your smartphone.
  • You can also use this GPS tracker for off-track skiing . There is great danger in venturing outside designated areas. However, in the case of a fall, those nearby can immediately determine your precise location thanks to smartphone location sharing.
  • GPS tracker for hiking  : to create an online travel history of snowshoeing or hikes, the Mister Track beacon will accompany you wherever you go! Your family can follow your route in real-time and locate you in case of any problem.

What are the features of the winter sports beacon ?

Our autonomous ski and mountain sports GPS beacon has many useful features :

  • Precise tracking : our geographic location beacon can be accurately tracked in real time in 10 second intervals . A skier can easily be tracked.
  • Smartphone location sharing  : all skiers, snowboarders and hikers can be geolocated simultaneously thanks to our application for IOS and Android . A very useful feature for keeping an eye on your friends and family in all circumstances.
  • Alert zone : It defines an area outside of which you will receive notification on your smartphone . Thus, as soon as the beacon leaves the defined area you will immediately receive an alert !
  • Internal messaging  : make your outings even more convivial ! Invite everyone to meet at the villa for a good cup of hot chocolate thanks to the Mister Track internal messaging !

Prepare for ski season now by renting or buying the Mister Track high-end GPS Tracker !

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