Anti-car theft GPS tracker: the Mister Track solution

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Car thefts are frequent, regardless of the car make or the region where it is located. The financial and moral costs are important, both for individuals as well as for professionals. However, there is a solution to protect against car theft: GPS anti-theft tracker.

Combat theft car with Mister Track

Mister Track was developed by security and investigational professionals . This high-end device has been tested and approved by professionals in the field. De facto, the professional GPS tracker Mister Track is the best solution for combatting car theft.

How can you protect your car against theft?

Insurance and police forces are often unable to do anything to find your car once it has been stolen. But with the help of anti-theft GPS tracker Mister Track, you can quickly locate your vehicle and thus alert authorities should leave the national territory.

Mister Track protects your car thanks to its geolocation and real-time tracking capabilities for any kind of motor vehicle :

  • Smartphone location sharing : once the GPS Professional Car tracker is linked to Mister Track your account, you can follow your car in real time, even after it has been stolen. Be it through your smartphone, tablet or computer, the Mister Track platform allows you to configure your beacon to track your stolen car in real time .
  • Motion alert : Do you always park your car in the same place ? Work at a particular place ? Okay, Mister Track lets you set up an area outside of which you will receive a notification directly on your smartphone if the vehicle is moved beyond the pre-established boundaries. The perfect functionality for reacting quickly if your car is stolen .
  • Sleep mode : Set the GPS locator on hold to save battery life . As soon as it is needed (after a car is stolen, for example), the tracking mode is reactivated and can reveal the exact location of the tracker .
  • Stealth Mode : the tracker is undetectable, handy if dealing with master thieves !

Using Mister Track in a car

MT7000 GPS anti-theft tracker is equipped with two powerful magnets. So it is easy to place the magnetic GPS tracker under your car in a discrete spot . In addition, it is the perfect size and does not stand out in any way !

If you do not want to place your magnetic GPS long autonomy tracker underneath your car, you can put it in the trunk or inside the spare wheel or in any other discrete location!

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