Mister Track, the number one autonomous high range GPS tracker on the market 

Thanks to its multiple functionalities, the Mister Track autonomous GPS tracker is the most comprehensive  the market has to offer.  Simple and intuitive, GPS tracking platform allows geolocalization and real-time tracking through your computer, smartphone or tablet.  Choose the configuration of  your tracker in either tracking mode, sleep mode or stealth mode :

  •  Tracking mode allows for real-time  geolocation of keep people or goods scheduling a position report from every 5 seconds to once an hour.
  • The ‘low speed’ position : The tracker automatically communicates a position when its speed is less than 15 km / h, for example, to keep track of a vehicle when it enters an underground parking lot. Different intermediate positions will be reported allowing tracking intervals to save battery life.
  • The route in real time: When the beacon is moving or standing still on the map, it will be possible to consult the current course path from the last stop, and quickly see the last routes traveled.  Each route will be represented with a different color.
  • Sleep mode allows the beacon to be turned off to save battery (autonomy from several months to several years).  This mode allows for the setting up a “security point” of one hour or several days. In case of theft, for example, the tracker will wake up at the next established “point security”, and will go into tracking mode to geolocate and follow your property in real time, in order to find and recover it.
  • Sleep / parking mode: The device automatically goes into sleep mode after a period of immobility of more than two minutes and awakens when it detects a vibration and / or movement.
  • Security point: In case of immobility, the locator will send a position at regularly scheduled intervals to update its position and ensure its proper functioning.
  • Stealth mode allows you make the device undetectable on all  “counter-tracking” or “encoder devices”. Set up a “stealth zone” or a “stealth period”, and the GSM module will cut emission waves. The tracker will continue to memorize GPS points and restore them once out of the designated area or when the established time period comes to an end.



The most comprehensive GPS  beacon on the market designed by professionals  in geolocation as well as investigation

  • Share the GPS on your smartphone, locate and track multiple users and the tracker on one map. You can also create and track workgroups and send private messages. 
  • View and export detailed reports from specified periods.
  • Set  notification alerts for motion, vibration, entrances and exits from specified areas and low battery. No more SMS alerts, you receive a secure and discreet mobile notification. You will also be alerted when two beacons either approach or move away from each other.
  • Get real-time traffic reports, the “street view” and the itinerary of the GPS tracker.
  • Our locators are equipped with SIM cards for use with several operators and coverage in Europe and the world. Its use is unlimited and anonymous.
  • Hermetic, compact, durable, lightweight, autonomous Mister Track GPS trackers feature high-performance batteries with a life of  several weeks to several years depending on the use and configuration.

Do you have a project? Do you need a customized GPS tracker?  Conftact us and our customer service professional will contact with you quickly and with a proposition for  a customized solution.

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