Mister Track, the innovative crisis management tool.

Any company or organization can face an emergency and to limit the impact, some have made the decision to invest in a geo-location and real time monitoring tool dedicated to crisis management.

Explore our innovative solution. Mister Track offers companies a geolocation and management tool tailored specifically to their needs, which will allow them to geolocate and secure vehicles, personnel and equipment. Our simple and intuitive monitoring platform geo.mistertrack.com makes it possible to improve the supervision of a crisis management system, facilitate and ensure interventions and monitor field staff in real time .

The managing device has a monitoring platform allowing you to locate in real time the personnel and trackers fitted in the intervention vehicles .

Tracking mode allows for real time geolocation and tracking of people and vehicles with position updates programming anywhere from 5 seconds to once an hour. Monitoring the route in real time, with the tracker either in motion or stopped, it is possible to follow on the map the current trajectory from its last stop and quickly see the latest routes the tracker has covered.

Improve the coordination of participants, optimize speed and sharing of information. Each staff member and tracker is identified with icons on the map. By sharing the GPS position of your smartphone, you can geolocate several users and the tracker on the same map. You can also create and follow work groups or individual devices. Each member registered within the group can, thanks to the mobile application, be located, or the whole group observed and all participants maintain communication. Thanks to our messaging system via the platform and mobile application, you can send messages to one or more individual users, or to the entire work group in real time.

You can establish circular or polygonal perimeters directly on the map, receive notification of entrances and exits from the area. Schedule movement alerts and  you will receive notifications directly on your smartphone, especially when two trackers approach or separate from each other .

Stand alone GPS beacons for crisis management.

Mister Track stand alone GPS trackers are hermetic, compact, resistant and light, have high performance, extended life batteries.  Our professional GPS locators are equipped with sim cards that can be used by multiple operators. Its use is unlimited, confidential, secure and anonymous.

The innovative Mister Track crisis management solution allows for total control of operating costs. Invest in the long term, distribute trackers among all the crisis management actors and utilize our tool during the exercises .

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