The GPS tracker Mister Track for vehicle tracking

Mister Track is a french company located in Marseille, the first to offer the rental or purchase of autonomous GPS trackers in United Kingdom and in Europe. Thanks to its various functionalities, the Mister Track GPS tracker is the most complete on the market, developed by professionals of investigation and geolocation.

Discover our innovative solution, Mister Track provides companies with a geolocation and real-time monitoring tool adapted to their needs. It will geolocate and protect vehicles, people, equipment and goods on our simple and intuitive tracking platform .

Mister Track distributes autonomous GPS trackers in Europe and worldwide.

Vehicle tracking: Why choose Mister Track?

> Mister Track is the best real-time geolocation and tracking solution developed by professionals.

> Secure, simple and intuitive GPS tracking platform on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

> Wireless, undetectable and easy-to-hide GPS trackers.

> Professional, magnetic, waterproof, compact, resistant and light GPS trackers with high-performance batteries for a battery life ranging anywhere from several weeks, several months to several years, depending on usage and configuration.

> Multi-operator SIM cards with global coverage (unlimited and anonymous use).

> Remote configuration and programming 24/7 notifying  motion or vibration detection, zone entry and exit, low battery, as well as changes of distance between locators.

> Without time commitment. A simple annual or monthly subscription with no extra cost.

> No installation or training costs. No additional telecommunications costs.

> 24/7 customer service guaranteed. Free phone support.


Optimize your vehicle tracking!

With Mister Track GPS tracking devices, you have a simple and reliable tool to ensure the geolocation of your vehicles. Our autonomous GPS tracker will allow you to:

> Accurately locate your vehicles in real time.

> Control the use of your vehicles and equipment.

> Maintain full control over your fleet management.

> Significantly reduce costs related to kilometers traveled.

> Increase your profitability.

> Organize activities effectively.

> Locate vehicles and equipment quickly and easily.

> Protect and secure your vehicles and equipment from theft.

How does the Mister Track vehicle tracking system work?

Plateforme Mister Track


> No special installations at workstations is required, our 100% web based  interface allows for fast and secure access.

> Mister Track GPS locators require no installation. They’re ready-to-use upon delivery.

> Wireless, they recharge easily through induction.


The GPS tracking platform allows you to:

> Set up trackers in tracking, sleep or stealth mode with only a few clicks.

> Access the control panel of your fleet in real-time.

> Track the vehicle in real time on Google Maps in map, satellite or street view mode.

> Edit zones to create point of interest.

> View, play, and export detailed travel reports.

Discover our detailed geolocation solution:

> Mister Track, the number one autonomous high range GPS tracker on the market

> Mister Track: the best solution for the location and recovery of stolen goods from the market


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