Mister Track: the best solution for the location and recovery of stolen goods from the market

Anti theft GPS tracker

It is very difficult to fight against and prevent theft. Every year millions of vehicles, goods and materials are stolen .

Mister Track trackers can locate and recover your property

Whether for private or professional use, the solution for the location and recovery in case of theft, is adapted to protect and track cars, motorcycles, scooters, trucks, business vehicles, containers, merchandises, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, goods and high-tech material.

Configure the tracker in tracking mode, in sleep mode or in stealth mode :

  • The tracking mode allows real-time tracking of your vehicle or by programming a position for 5 seconds to an hour. When the beacon is in motion, you can follow the tracker in real time on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Create a zone and set up motion alerts. You will be notified when the tracker moves and leaves the area. In case of theft, you can locate and recover your goods in the shortest possible time, and alert police to facilitate rapid intervention.
  • The sleep mode allows the beacon to turn off to save battery (autonomy for several months). This mode is to set up a “security checkpoint” of one hour to several days. The “security checkpoint” allows you to update the position, check the proper functioning of the device and send new orders. In case of theft, the tracker will wake up at the next “security point” programmed, and go into tracking mode to geolocate and follow in real time your merchandise, so it can be found and recovered.
  • The stealth mode will render your device undetectable on all “counter-tracker” or “encoder” devices. Set up a “stealth zone” or a “stealth period”, the GSM module will be cut off and stop emitting signals. The GPS tracker will continue memorizing the GPS points and restore them once you leave the area or when the period is over.

The standalone Mister Track GPS trackers are small, compact, lightweight, watertight and resistant. They have two powerful magnets. Flexible and mobile, they can be used in Europe and the world and have great battery life from several weeks to several months depending on the configuration and use.

Add users and share your smartphone’s GPS position to localize in real time and compare it to the tracker. Create work groups to better manage locators and users.

Do not wait, discover our offers to ensure the best value for your money. Equip yourself with a Mister Track self-contained GPS.

Our high-end trackers have been especially developed by investigation professionals, tested and approved. They are used by specialists in the fight against theft and the recovery of stolen goods.

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