Geolocation for sports and recreations

  • GPS tracker for winter sports
  • GPS tracker for hiking
  • GPS tracker for foot races
  • GPS tracker for cycling
  • GPS tracker for motor sports
  • GPS tracker for group outings

GPS tracker for sports and recreations

Hiking or biking alone can be dangerous. An accident can occur in a split second when hiking or skiing off road. Now you can  geotag your loved ones or sporting group! We offer rental of GPS equipment designed specifically for sports and recreational activities. There is no need to spend extra money buying GPS devices. Renting allows you to acquire one or more GPS device for a short term period, for the duration of the activity.

Geolocation for skiers

Do you ski often and and find that buying GPS equipment turns out too expensive for you and your group of fellow skiers? We suggest renting self-contained GPS for skiing in peace in the knowledge that loved ones can be  located quickly in case of loss and/or injury. . With our low cost solution you can rent your GPS device for a week and return the equipment by mail once your activity is over. Follow in real time the evolution of equipment with advanced tracking features!

Geolocation for hikers

Hiking is usually presents few risks, however diverging from marked paths can become dangerous.  Mister Track GPS equipment is an efficient tool for locating an individual in an emergency. When hiking alone, you can use the GPS tracker as personal locator beacon. Leave the monitoring interface in the hands a trusted person who can verify your route with complete confidence! Enjoy a leisurely excursion thanks to the   Mister Track GPS equipment for hiking!

Geolocation for bikers

Do you practice cycling and mountain biking? Do not leave your house without the Mister Track GPS for Biking! In case of a fall or immobilization, you can be located at any time through the real-time tracking of your routes. Bicycling has never been so safe! Simply insert Mister Track GPS equipment  into your backpack. Rent yours now!


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