Geolocation of people

  • GPS tracker for isolated employees
  • GPS tracker for displacement at risk
  • GPS tracker for close protection of persons

GPS tracker for people

Certain situations require professionals to be aware of the exact location of certain individuals 24/7.
For the protection of a particular employee, a dangerous trajectory or to assist a bodyguard at his job, the Mister Track GPS device is a simple, reliable and time-effective localization solution.

Geolocation of individual employees

This is for the protection of employees performing isolated activities for relatively long lapses of time.
Thanks to the automatic Mister Track  GPS beacon, your maintenance, delivery or home care staff members can easily use the SOS button to instantly notify you of their exact location.
The use of our Mister Track tracker ensures your workers’ safety, and reduces the medical or psychological risks associated with isolation.

Geolocation for travelling at risk

In certain professional environments, the worker must often make trips by car, train or plane, which may involve certain elements of risk. The annoyances of public transport, stress caused by frequent traffic jams, or the indulgence in inappropriate behaviors, are just some of the elements that can cause detrimental delays and disturbances to the objectives of these operations.

Are you often involved in  unusual conveyance of unusual goods or the transport of hazardous materials?

In order to be able to monitor these missions, we suggest using the Mister Track locator system for individuals.  Discrete and autonomous, you can keep an eye on every situation from your smartphone which will receive the precise movements of your subject, for example, every 5 seconds or 60 minutes depending on your needs and geographical position. Thanks to the personal GPS locator that can easily be rented through our website, you are the master of the situation.

Geolocation for use in the protection of individuals

Are you a bodyguard? Then you are aware that in a such a highly competitive profession, it is essential to be equipped with the very latest technology in order to offer the highest quality services. Our Mister Track geolocation device for people is ideal for several reasons:

– It is easily accessible and perfectly suited for any of your missions regardless of their durations.
– Mister Track devices feature  professional quality batteries, tested and approved by research experts.
– Thanks to its discretion, your customers can easily adapt to its use.
– No configuration is necessary: ​​simple turn on the beacon and you will have immediate access to our geolocation system from different devices including your smartphone.
– The Mister Track GPS beacon has some very useful features like SOS (your client may send a signal by simply pressing the button on the locator) or “alert zone” (you receive notification the instant your customer enters or exits any previously defined parameters)

If you are looking for a reliable, professional and autonomous GeoLocator. Choose the Mister Track model and rent it directly from  our website.

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