Geolocation of goods and merchandises

  • GPS tracker for packages .
  • GPS tracker for stored goods
  • GPS tracker for luxury items
  • GPS tracker for materials

GPS tracker for merchandises

As a professional, you do not need to waste time dealing with lost packages or theft of goods, which necessarily leads to a decreased turnover. Finding solutions to these types of problems is our concern which is why we have put at your disposal professional-grade GPS trackers. Safe and self-contained our professional-grade GPS trackers are simply placed into your packages, crates, boxes, etc. Your assets can be tracked in real time avoiding their ever being misplaced.

Geolocation for jewelry

Are you a jeweller sending jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of euros around the world? Protect yourself against theft and loss! Mister Track GPS tracker is introduced into your packages so you can track the locations of your jewelry in real time . You can connect to our online platform through a secure professional account and track the progress of your package. Rent your GPS tracker today!

Geolocation for wines

Are you a wine merchant and vulnerable to losses of your wines during shipping? Make sure that loss is not the cause of a decrease in the turnover of your business! Simply place a self-contained Mister Track GPS tracker in your wine crate.  You will have access to its every movement in real time!

Geolocation for tools

Are you professional in the area of construction and would like to protect your tools against loss or theft? Avoid worries thanks to Mister Track GPS tracker, rent yours today!

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