Geolocation of goods and merchandises

  • GPS tracker for valuables (car, bike, luggage, money, jewelry, watches, furniture, paintings, wine …)
  • GPS tracker for packages
  • GPS tracker for auto
  • GPS tracker for motorcycles

GPS tracker for goods and merchandises

Are you going on a trip and worry about your suitcase being misplaced? Do you want to send a valuable package to your family without risking it getting lost? Is your new vehicle parked outside in the street and you wish you could find it in case of theft? Mister Track GPS device is just what you’re looking for. Designed especially for the geolocation of goods, the Mister Track device is self-contained, durable and waterproof. It adapts to any situation: packages, suitcases, vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, trunks, etc.
Rent your Mister Track GPS tracker today!

Geolocation for vehicles

Vehicle thefts are commonplace. Even if you have full insurance coverage, you might nevertheless wish to recover certain valuables left in your vehicle. To protect against the loss of a vehicle, renting self-contained GPS equipment can be a solution.  Mister Track equipment geolocates the vehicle and accurately tracks its path in real time (at up 5 second intervals). You can track your vehicle in real time to find it quickly and also check the journey log.

If you lend your vehicle ( to your children, neighbor, or friends ), you might wish to monitor their behavior. The Mister Track GPS tracker for vehicles allows for transparency on trips made with your vehicle. Through the Mister Track tracking platform  on your computer or phone, you can accurately track vehicle movements. The tracker sends an SMS notification whenever the vehicle exits the previously defined perimeter. Rent your Mister Track GPS equipment!

Geolocation for motorcycles and scooters

Two-wheeled vehicles are the most frequently stolen vehicles of all. Finding a scooter or motorcycle is very difficult. Equipping a  motorcycle or scooter with GPS  can help the authorities to quickly find your vehicle. Mister Track GPS motorcycle tracker  is discreet and effective, fixed underneath the vehicle or in a compartment. Connected to our real-time tracking platform, the tracker becomes a powerful geolocation tool for finding your bike or scooter. Rent your scooter and motorcycle GPS equipment today!

Geolocation for packages

Do you regularly send valuable packages through the mail? Is it usual for the carriers to lose some packages? Track the movements of your shipments thanks to the Mister Track GPS equipment! Unobtrusive, you can place it inside your most valuable packages. Self-contained, the GPS tracker will remain active throughout the entire duration of transport. Our GPS tracker for packages enables you to locate your package avoiding additional costs in case of loss or theft. Rent your GPS equipment packages today!

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