Geolocation for people and animals

  • GPS tracker for children
  • GPS tracker for the elderly
  • GPS tracker for isolated people
  • GPS tracker for persons with disabilities
  • GPS tracker for pets
  • GPS tracker for traveller and globetrotter

Do you worry about your loved ones? children, friends or relatives and would like to be able to keep an eye on them? This might be particularly important regarding children, elderly people or with people with disabilities. To help you protect your loved ones, Mister Track can be placed into bags, pockets or belts to easily track their location. Mister Track self-contained GPS trackers have been designed to easily and accurately locate people. Rent your GPS tracker today to protect your loved ones!

Geolocation for seniors

Elderly people are probably at the highest risk of getting lost or falling. Geolocation is an excellent solution for making sure seniors are safe and traveling in safe areas. Mister Track GPS Trackers for seniors will allow you to care for your parents and grandparents, following their movements through our online platform. You will receive notifications when the tracker diverges from predetermined areas. Rent your GPS tracker for seniors now!

Geolocation for people with disabilities

Do not leave your loved ones with disabilities unsupervised. You can respect their autonomy thanks to the geolocation for those in need of supervision, such as people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Mister Track GPS equipment can be attached to a belt thanks to its case.

Specify a zone through the program “Geotracking for people with disabilities” and receive notifications when the tracker leaves the predetermined perimeters. You can easily locate the person thanks to the GPS itinerary function. Rent your GPS equipment!

Geolocation for children

Mr. Track GPS self-contained trackers can easily fit into a backpack for the safeguarding of your children.  You can keep an eye on your children while still allowing them their sense of independence.  Your children and you will feel safer and more confident when they go to school on their own. The self-contained Mister Track GPS equipment  follows their paths and allows you to ensure that they don’t stray from the agreed upon route . Otherwise, you will receive notifications when the itinerary is not respected.  The  GPS itinerary function is included in the Mister Track rental.

GPS tracker for cats, dogs and other pets

Do you have a cat or dog and would like to keep an eye on them all the time? To avoid losing it, we offer rental of GPS trackers for cats and dogs. Receive an alert when your pet enters a specific area and track its movements. Never lose sight of your animal thanks to Mister Track, your GPS tracker for cats and dogs.

GPS tracker for travellers and backpackers

Protect your luggage during your trip. Simply place the tracker in your suitcase or backpack to geolocate it at any time.

Rent your GPS tracker to explore the world safely. Share your adventures and reassure your loved ones. Stay localized in real time during your trip.

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