Autonomous GPS tracker : choose Mister Track

Everyone wants to hold on to their possessions, be they vehicles or goods. The choice of a GPS tracker is an effective solution against the theft of vehicles and goods. Mister Track offers its anti-theft solution: the autonomous GPS beacon.

Traceur GPS autonome

What is it ?

The Mister Track autonomous GPS locator is a simple and effective way to geo locate and track both people and goods in real time.

Thanks to the app offered by Mister Track or directly on your GPS tracking platform, you can access a precise and simultaneous geolocation of the movements of your tracking devices.

The Mister Track autonomous GPS beacon has several features that help protect your property from theft and is the best solution anti theft option on the market.

You can configure the tracker in tracking mode, stealth mode and many others :

  • Tracking mode : is an active mode that allows you to geo locate and track in real time the beacons you have installed in any of various assets: cars, motorcycles, goods, machines … You can locate them by configuring the update of their position from every 5 seconds to once an hour . You can follow the route using the platform on a detailed geographical map that will indicate the location of the beacon, as well as other information that you have chosen to receive, such as the speed or stops . .
  • Sleep mode : this mode saves the tracker’s battery by turning it off . This autonomy can vary from several months to several years . To restart it, all you need to do is set up security checks, from once every hour to once every several days for updates of its position, by sending new commands . Therefore, you can change from sleep mode to tracking mode to geo locate and track in real time your vehicle or property that has just been stolen .
  • Stealth mode : This mode allows you to hide the presence of the tracker using anti-tracker systems or frequency blockers that could be employed by an experienced thief. You can configure a period or a stealth zone, when the GSM module will be shut off and not emit waves . However, the beacon will continue to memorize GPS points and will send them when the stealth mode is over.
  • Parking /Sleep mode : turns off the locator after a stop and restarts with the slightest movement.

How to use the autonomous Mister Track GPS tracker ?

The use of the Mister Track autonomous GPS beacon is simple and easy :

  • Thanks to its powerful magnets, you can fix the GPS tracker in a discreet place on the vehicle and thus prevent thieves from finding it .
  • An application is available for you : a once installed on your Smartphone or Tablet, you will have access to your account .  Otherwise, there is the Mister Track web platform that will be take charge of tracking.
  • Connect your Smartphone to the Trucking device: once the app is installed on your mobile you will be able to share your position in relation to the beacon .
  • In case of theft : tracking mode will be activated and you can geo locate your property in real time, follow its movements and react immediately informing its disappearance to the competent authorities . It saves a lot of time and your vehicle can be found and returned .

Why choose Mister Track ?

The Mister Track autonomous tracker is water resistant, compact, light and resistant. It is equipped with multi-operator SIM cards with reliable and efficient global coverage.

Mister Track autonomous GPS trackers are equipped with powerful long-lasting batteries that can last from several months to several years, depending on their use and configuration.

The choice of Mister Track GPS beacons is the choice of professional quality as well as the choice of discreet and anonymous service.

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