Rent starting at €15.90

Rent Mister Track by the week, month or year . We offer three models of autonomous GPS trackers adapted for your specific needs. Manage your budget with Mister Track !


Ranges of up to 22000 positions

Battery life of over 22000 positions. Our GPS trackers have the best battery life on the market. Locate and protect your target for 22000 positions without need of recharging your device.


Platforms for GPS tracker

Track your device without the necessity of installing extra software. Simply log into your Mister Track account and follow the routes of your device from the comfort of your smartphone, laptop or home computer.


Rental professional equipment

Our trackers are used by geolocation professionals. We put these devices at your disposal for use in any possible type of extreme condition. Choose robustness and reliability with Mister Track !



Real time geolocation and tracking 

For private use:

Thanks to Mister Track GPS tracking device, realtime geolocation of those closest to you, important goods and practice hih-risk sport with confidence. Our GPS tracker operates autonomously, It is fully compatible with your smartphone (Android / iOS) through our free app. You will automatically receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as the beacon is in motion or leaves a defined area.

For the empresario:

You want to benefit from high-end equipment, reliable and easy to use. These are precisely the basic characteristics of our Mister Track GPS tracker. Thanks to new applications such as positioning history, the option of creating work groups to locate an entire team of collaborators, as well as the vehicle proximity alert we have created a flexible GPS tracker especially adapted for professional use.



Geolocation of vehicles


Geolocation of goods and equipments


Geolocation of athletes and people


Geolocation of agents



The features of the Mister Track GPS tracker


Real time monitoring

SuiviYou can follow the GPS device on our platform at determined intervals of 5 sec up to 60 min.


Private messaging

Private messaging is integrated into our application. For communications exclusively between users of the locator.



Groupe de travail Create a workgroup to display the smartphone GPS position of employees in relation to the beacon position.


GPS position smartphone

POsition GPSThanks to your smartphone, you can display your position in real time relative to the tracker.


Movement Notification

Mouvement Receive an alert when the beacon is in motion. You will receive notification from the very first movement.


Area alert

ZoneReceive a notification when the GPS locator leaves or enters a predetermined geographical area.


Vehicle vicinity alerts

rapprochementIf you rent more than one beacon, you will be notified when several of them approach or distance themselves from one another.


Route to tracker

ItinéraireYou can see the most direct path to the point where the rented GPS device is located.


Location history reports

HistoriqueDirect access to detailed reporting of beacon movements. Analyze locator times and positions.


Traffic Flow

TraficThanks to Mister Track platform, you can visualize traffic flow in real-time.


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