Mister Track GPS trackers for private detectives

The Mister Track GPS tracking beacon is a device that allows one to “geolocate” a target through GPS coordinates. It has several features that make it an essential tool for investigators, such as its stealth mode which makes it undetectable and allows for maximum discretion and efficiency.

What the advantages does it offer to private investigators ?

The Mister Track GPS tracker is an indispensable tool for the modern private detective. It offers many advantages:

  • Complete Autonomy: Thanks to its ease of use and autonomy, the MT 7000 locator allows for the detection of up to 15,000 target positions without recharging .
  • Real time monitoring : You will no longer miss any movement your mark may make, on our platform you can monitor at intervals from 5 seconds to 60 minutes. You will receive notifications for every movement your target makes, especially with our movement alert and alert zone features.
  • Navigational aids  : Thanks to integrated GPS receiver maps, you can consult the itinerary to the exact point where the target is situated, with access to real-time traffic situations, and so be able to anticipate the unexpected and more effectively track your objective. .
  • Share mobile location via smartphone : The Mister Track GPS tracker allows authorized users to follow the device (from one to five users per device) in real time during surveillance .
  • Workgroup  : Group work can be tricky when it comes to discretion and security, Mister Track GPS tracker is perfectly suited for the creation of workgroups . You simply choose the locator and the requisite users and the entire set can be located in real time on the map.
  • Messaging System  : via the geo.mistertrack platform and via the mobile app . To ensure maximum discretion and professionalism, the Mister Track GPS tracker offers internal messaging . This way you can send messages to one or various users, and facilitate work both in real-time and in group .

Why should a private detective use the standalone Mister Track GPS locator ?

Mister Track GPS beacon fits perfectly on all types of vehicle to be tracked : car or motorcycle. It’s fast and especially easy to place under a target vehicle with powerful magnets, ensuring maximum efficiency and discretion. Its use is also ideal and effective in the case of car theft, you can identify stolen vehicles in real time and facilitate intervention.

With our GPS trackers, you will work in all confidentiality and discretion, and total anonymity.

Mister Track Rental

From 15,90e tax included, rent a standalone Mister Track GPS tracker for a week, a month or a year depending on the duration of your mission !

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