Fleet Management of vehicles

  • Protection of business vehicles
  • Protection of construction machinery
  • Tracking of vehicular movement
  • Organization and optimization of vehicle routes

GPS tracker for fleet management of vehicles


Fleet management: optimize the organization of your fleet of vehicles.

Would you like to capitalize the costs inherent to the development of your fleet of vehicles? Indeed, the management of your fleet is a strategic challenge every time important unforeseen costs arise. There are many methods for effectively managing your fleet, amongst which you can count the use of GPS trackers.

Thanks to Mister Track GPS tracker, the geolocation of your vehicles will be reliable and simple, allowing you  overall control of your vehicle fleet, thus reducing some expenses:

  • Significant reduction of kilometers traveled
    Driving time optimization
  • Control over routes
  • Optimization of fuel and auto insurance budgets thanks to reduced expenses.
    Intervention against theft of merchandise and fuel

How does the Mister Track fleet management system  work?

Despite its compact design, our GPS device offers the latest features and technology. It  easily and efficiently attaches thanks to a very strong magnet that allows it placement on the vehicle with absolute discretion.

To ensure the reliability of our GPS equipment, a long battery life facilitates the collection of data without the need constant recharging. Notification is automatically sent when the battery reaches a remaining 10% charge.

Our Mister Track GPS tracker is linked to a powerful tracking program with which you can obtain an accurate tracking position every 5 seconds. This software offers an accurate cartography of the geographical situation of your vehicle, its interface is clear and ergonomic.

Choose your rental period, and order now your professional gps tracker on our website.

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