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Professionals or private individuals, everyone needs a GPS locator to reduce the risk of non-reimbursable vehicle theft.

These offer companies many advantages and their use is simple and effective. With a Mister Track magnetic GPS beacon, you can defend your property against theft.

Auto theft is common and no matter where you live, all areas are subject to theft or vandalism.

Whether it’s private or business, the theft of your vehicle is financially and morally expensive.

In order to avoid any of inconveniences related to the theft of a vehicle, there is a solution: the Mister Track anti-theft magnetic GPS tracker.


Your Mister Track anti-theft magnetic GPS Tracker:

You have the solution for protecting your vehicle from theft, install a GPS locator.

A high-end device, designed by security experts and approved by specialists in the sector to offer you the best solution for  fighting against the theft of all types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles and scooters.

The advantage of a Mister Track stand-alone GPS tracker is its magnetized base which allows you to hide it from the view of predators. Thanks to this magnetic system, the tracker can be placed much  more discreetly than in  the middle of the dashboard.

Once  ensuring that it has not been placed in front of a metal plate, the GPS Mister Track beacon can be placed in other places on the dashboard, for example or in the back of the vehicle.

Most models of GPS locators offered by Mister Track are equipped with two powerful magnets: MT7000, MT10000.

These trackers are easy to place and their size is perfect for any type of vehicle.

Mister Track magnetic GPS tracker :How does it protect my vehicle from theft ?

Few stolen vehicles not equipped with GPS locators are ever recovered by the police . It is often a matter of days or months before any information about a stolen vehicle is obtained, often too late to find it in good condition.

Thanks to the Mister Track GPS tracker, you have the opportunity to solve this problem with the ability to promptly locate your vehicle and alert authorities. The beacon’s range of coverage can even reach outside French territory, and so aide foreign authorities with the recovery of your vehicle.

Mister Track tracker against auto theft : characteristics.

Upon installing a Mister Track stand-alone GPS locator you can locate and track your vehicle in real time :

  • Movement alert : This feature allows you to receive an alert on your smartphone whenever your vehicle leaves a previously programmed area. If you customarily drive or park in a specific area and your vehicle leaves these areas, you may receive an alert to notify you of an unexpected movement of your vehicle. You can therefore react immediately and notify the authorities about any suspicious movements of your car or motorcycle.
  • Stealth Mode:  You can put your tracker in stealth mode to make it undetectable to an expert thief preventing him from disabling it.
  • Share your location:  thanks to the Mister Track GPS professional locator, you can geolocate several smartphones through your Mister Track account and track your vehicle in real time on a computer, smartphone or tablet. The Mister Track interface allows you to install anything on your digital media and configure your tracker to locate it immediately .

Get your Mister Track magnetic GPS tracker now and make sure your car has the best anti-theft protection.

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Mister Track, the innovative crisis management tool.

Any company or organization can face an emergency and to limit the impact, some have made the decision to invest in a geo-location and real time monitoring tool dedicated to crisis management.

Explore our innovative solution. Mister Track offers companies a geolocation and management tool tailored specifically to their needs, which will allow them to geolocate and secure vehicles, personnel and equipment. Our simple and intuitive monitoring platform makes it possible to improve the supervision of a crisis management system, facilitate and ensure interventions and monitor field staff in real time .

The managing device has a monitoring platform allowing you to locate in real time the personnel and trackers fitted in the intervention vehicles .

Tracking mode allows for real time geolocation and tracking of people and vehicles with position updates programming anywhere from 5 seconds to once an hour. Monitoring the route in real time, with the tracker either in motion or stopped, it is possible to follow on the map the current trajectory from its last stop and quickly see the latest routes the tracker has covered.

Improve the coordination of participants, optimize speed and sharing of information. Each staff member and tracker is identified with icons on the map. By sharing the GPS position of your smartphone, you can geolocate several users and the tracker on the same map. You can also create and follow work groups or individual devices. Each member registered within the group can, thanks to the mobile application, be located, or the whole group observed and all participants maintain communication. Thanks to our messaging system via the platform and mobile application, you can send messages to one or more individual users, or to the entire work group in real time.

You can establish circular or polygonal perimeters directly on the map, receive notification of entrances and exits from the area. Schedule movement alerts and  you will receive notifications directly on your smartphone, especially when two trackers approach or separate from each other .

Stand alone GPS beacons for crisis management.

Mister Track stand alone GPS trackers are hermetic, compact, resistant and light, have high performance, extended life batteries.  Our professional GPS locators are equipped with sim cards that can be used by multiple operators. Its use is unlimited, confidential, secure and anonymous.

The innovative Mister Track crisis management solution allows for total control of operating costs. Invest in the long term, distribute trackers among all the crisis management actors and utilize our tool during the exercises .

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Autonomous GPS tracker for insurance companies

In recent years car theft has become the scourge of insurance companies causing them significant damage. This fact obliges car owners to take necessary measures to prevent its occurrence.
It has recently been shown that the latest technologies, such as keyless systems or smart keys, are ineffective in the prevention of vehicle theft. Currently, criminals use frequency recorders to copy electronic keys, so they can open and start a car quickly and without any manual manipulation. At other times, they use radio frequency detectors or gsm and blockers to detect a GPS device and encode the signal. Many owners become victims of ‘car jacking’ and ‘home jacking’. Continue reading “Autonomous GPS tracker for insurance companies”

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GPS tracking device investigation

Mister Track, the best GPS tracker for professionals fighting against vehicle theft and vehicle crime

Mister Track standalone GPS trackers help prevent vehicle theft, protect them and keep them safe.

Are you a professional from an insurance company, a vehicle rental company, a car leasing company, a motor vehicle manufacturer? Are you managing a fleet of vehicles? Are you a private investigator responsible for finding, identifying, recovering and repatriating stolen vehicles? Continue reading “Mister Track, the best GPS tracker for professionals fighting against vehicle theft and vehicle crime”

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GPS tracker long autonomy

Mister Track GPS Tracker for Car Rental Companies

The car rentals to individuals and professionals present many risks, particularly loss of these vehicles and often theft by users themselves.  The use of Mister Track autonomous GPS locators undoubtedly ensure the proper development of the rental process .  The capability of tracking and finding to track and find your vehicles wherever they may be  is assured. Continue reading “Mister Track GPS Tracker for Car Rental Companies”

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Balise GPS detective prive

Mister Track GPS trackers for private detectives

The Mister Track GPS tracking beacon is a device that allows one to “geolocate” a target through GPS coordinates. It has several features that make it an essential tool for investigators, such as its stealth mode which makes it undetectable and allows for maximum discretion and efficiency. Continue reading “Mister Track GPS trackers for private detectives”

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GPS tracker and winter sports : the Mister Track solution

The mountains begin to fill with snow, temperatures drop and the winter holidays are upon us. Which means that, without a doubt, winter sports are coming too! When speaking of winter sports, we speak of skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hiking, trekking and other recreational activities for young and old . However, the mountains are full of dangers and in order to ensure the safety of the whole family, your group of students or friends, it is vital to be appropriately equipped. Because of this we are offering our GPS tracker for skiing and winter sports: small, autonomous and state of the art, our tracking unit will let you set out to the mountain with nothing to fear ! Continue reading “GPS tracker and winter sports : the Mister Track solution”

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gps anti theft tracker mister track

GPS tracker for motorcycles and scooters : The Mister Track solution

Whether it be for necessity or pleasure, travelling on a two-wheeled vehicle can prove costly in the case of theft . This does not happen only to “other people”: a motorcycle without a chain can be easily stolen; an alarm can be deactivated; a scooter can be started without a key. In the case of a car, this can be more easily found because of its size, a motorcycle or scooter is exceptionally hard to find. To protect yourself against the theft of a motorcycle or scooter, we have the solution: anti theft motorcycle and scooter GPS tracker . Continue reading “GPS tracker for motorcycles and scooters : The Mister Track solution”

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