Autonomous GPS tracker for insurance companies

In recent years car theft has become the scourge of insurance companies causing them significant damage. This fact obliges car owners to take necessary measures to prevent its occurrence.
It has recently been shown that the latest technologies, such as keyless systems or smart keys, are ineffective in the prevention of vehicle theft. Currently, criminals use frequency recorders to copy electronic keys, so they can open and start a car quickly and without any manual manipulation. At other times, they use radio frequency detectors or gsm and blockers to detect a GPS device and encode the signal. Many owners become victims of ‘car jacking’ and ‘home jacking’.

Insurance companies may require certain precautionary measures from vehicle owners which may differ from one company to another. These measures usually consist of the employment of devices to reduce the risk of theft.
The client might choose to use an alarm system or an connected GPS tracker, among other options.
Insurers can also request that vehicles have an identification number registered in several places inside the car.
Also, some insurance contracts require compliance with certain rules obliging the owner to be cautious, for example not leaving visible, valuable objects inside the vehicle which might tempt a thief to break a glass.
It is mandatory to lock the car, whether doors or windows, and never forgetting the key inside the vehicle or in the ignition.
If the insurers believe that the owner is not complying with the terms of the contract, they may apply sanctions or go so far as to cancel the guarantee.

The Mister Track GPS tracker for insurance companies :

GPS tracking devices fixed on vehicles are often disconnected . On our website you will find different models of autonomous GPS trackers, easily hidden, to reinforce the protection and safety of your vehicles through the Mister Track platform.
Mister Track offers users the possibility to geolocate and follow their vehicles in real time from a distance. In this way, you will be able to know its exact position anytime and from anywhere !
The Mister Track autonomous GPS tracker models have excellent battery life.
It is possible for you, the consumer, to request our rental service monthly or annually to satisfy certain needs, especially when renting a vehicle.

One of the most efficient models currently on the market is, without a doubt, the MT 57000 autonomous GPS tracker, with a battery life of more than 5 years! This type of device is ideal for insurance companies in order to better protect their vehicles against theft and, determine their location at any time.

Characteristics of the Mister Track GPS tracking devices :

Sleep Mode has been specially developed so that the autonomous tracker does not need to be recharged for several years .  The MT 20000 GPS tracker has a 3-year battery life with a daily safety position. In case of theft, simply activate the remote tracking mode, which will allow the police, private investigators and / or professionals in charge of the search to recover them so they can be repatriated and returned.

The sleep mode parking and the stealth mode will not permit detection of the tracker in the vehicle. In the case of using a GSM encoder, the Mister Track GPS locator will memorize the positions thanks to its large internal memory capacity and its anti-jamming GPS system, and will return them once the device is turned off. At that moment, it will be possible to retrace the route in detail, and locate the vehicle for its prompt recovery >

In addition, the following features will allow you to solve other problems related to the safety of your vehicles : configure entrance and exit zones, vibration and movement alerts .  If you are managing a fleet of vehicles, set the alert for approach and / or distancing between vehicles. The low speed position will transmit a position before the vehicle enters a garage or underground parking, data that will facilitate search and recovery in case of theft.
We equip our special multi-operator sim card m2m for connected objects. The vehicle can be geolocated anywhere, even abroad. >

Anti-theft insurance:

The beacons can be integrated into private vehicles if required by the insurance policy. Depending on the vehicle and the range, choose between GPS locators MT 2650, MT 7000 and MT 10000 .  You will have access to all our features such as the possibility of sharing the GPS position of the smartphone and that of other users, in real time, in relation to the tracker.
Check with your insurer and get all the necessary information on the placement of a GPS beacon for the protection of your vehicle and reaps the benefits of a more advantageous rate.

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